Hello and welcome to Plaidfusion, a collection of artists from different disciplines working in collaboration. Most of our work focuses on our love of games, comics, books, television, and film – but blends our artistic passions together for, primarily, utilitarian wares.

Our Products:

We’re best known at the Phoenix Comicon for our coasters which are a blend of original, digital art and ceramics.

People ask us all the time to bring back certain items, like our mugs & shot glasses – unfortunately, we’re a small team with distinct artistic expertise so when one of us moves or becomes busy we’re unable to produce certain things (such as those that require a kiln.

Our Etsy Store

Our Team:

Anie: Illustration & digital artist, creator of this website (sorry for the lack of updates).

Ben: Ceramicist, creator of our fired items: coasters, mugs, and shotglasses.

Gunnar: Fibers & support, creator of our plushies, primary cashier during events, and the idea-man for many of our projects.

Sarah: Ceramicist, fibers, & support. Actually, Sarah doesn’t make any work for PlaidFusion but without her knowledge of small business and support we wouldn’t have survived our first convention.


We love making great products that fans can enjoy. Unfortunately, all of us are employed full-time so we don’t do many shows and it is difficult for us to take special requests, you may even notice that because of our busy schedules our online store is often closed. The best way to reach us is seeing us in person at the Phoenix Comicon in Phoenix, Arizona every May or following our page, which is updated when sales go online or new products are available.

Thanks for visiting!