Beautiful Ugly: Distressed Type

Those of you who know me, and that is probably everyone reading this sentence, know that I love typography. I know, it doesn’t always show. But lets forget about how lazy I am at updating my personal blog and focus for a moment on a really wonderful tutorial I found on GoMediaZine. Ever wanted to make a B-Horror flick movie poster, or a vintage looking rock poster, maybe just some sweet, beautiful ugly type…

Check out this Photoshop tutorial: Distress Type By Hand In Photoshop

Fixed Header & Footer: CSS

Another great tutorial site. This one was helping me solve a problem I was having with my own code when trying to get the footer of a page to remain stationary.  If you get a chance, I highly recommend looking at some of their other articles, Noob Cube has several pretty great articles.

Girls Who Geek

As some, if not all, of you know I work for a company and for them, very generally speaking, I build websites. In an attempt to fix a problem and gain some inspiration for new ideas on how to build an utterly table-less layout I did a general search and found a wonderful blog, Girls Who Geek.  Below I have linked the exact page I was using but I highly recommend just heading to the home page and browsing back. For beginners and intermediate web developers as well as WordPress Webbies out there, this is a great site for tidbits of very useful information