Dungeons & Dragons Flash Cards

Our group of artists met during college, most of us were in different fields.

We did work, graduated, and then played D&D. Now we do both.

If Dungeons and Dragons wasn’t a dead giveaway that we’re ¬†absolute nerds, the use of Flash Cards (in any capacity) solidified that status.

They’re more like reference cards than flash cards because the Human Cleric, Anie (writer of this post, in the event I slip into first person) can be difficult to play in the 3.5 edition. Especially when it is customized. I have all these spells, and on top of the general Spell List spells I also have Domains (which usually correspond to a particular deity). Well in order to keep track of my spells I began making a little book out of a whole bunch of left over index cards from school and these index card 3 ring binders I had left over, and of course being picky and wanting to copy and paste all of the info rather than write down a metric crap-ton of spells I copy and pasted everything into a photoshop template.

Why photoshop, you may ask. Because its what I know and rely on for accurate printing and precise measurements! Also… I wanted to add pretty, pretty pictures.

Here is a sample sheet from the Dream Domain:

Feel free to print me!